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Bikini Wax

Bikini wax - ripping off the stereotypical idea of what fashion really is - can turn the new into the old.

The dreaded bikini wax before the run up to the summer holidays is painful and definitely not enjoyable but the outcome is magnificent. You’re able to prance around that pool feeling confidence with no fear of exposing a little too much; particularly when you don’t intend on everyone seeing a little more than you wished!

I don’t intend on exposing more than needed but sometimes the beauty of confidence comes from taking of the base off of things and rediscovering what makes you feel confident.

I believe ripping off the stereotypical idea of what fashion is creates the most incredible outcomes. It can be scary not following trends as it is scary getting that painful waxing treatment. However when it’s off it is so exciting! Experimenting with clothes is the future of fashion. We all need to stop following others’ beliefs on what to wear but instead take risks with what you put together and get that confident energy rush just like the one you get on your summer holiday around the pool (with that bikini wax)!

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