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My Mother's closet is my sanctuary

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

I could say that every outfit I have ever worn has been put together by nicking stuff from my mothers wardrobe. The daily comments I get from my mother 'oh where did you get that from', 'oh I recognise that' and the dreaded one 'did you ask if you could borrow that?'

Unsurprisingly the Answer is always no!

I am in a lucky situation where my mum holds onto every piece of clothing she has ever brought. From the outrageous amounts of jackets she has, to the sock draw full of every colour. Stepping into her wardrobe makes me feel like a kid in the candy shop, which is exactly what I want everyone reading my posts to feel. But instead of sherbets and cola fizzes I want to display the fun side of clothes on the shelves

Fashion is about creating something that you're excited to walk out of the house in - it doesn't need to be something that is seen to be 'In trend' or 'stylish' at the time because trends are forever changing and the majority of trends are taken from past inspirations.

Fashion should be fun and be a confidence boost within your everyday life.

I hope you enjoy and if you love fashion make sure you subscribe :)

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