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Do stereotypical dress codes hamper the use of your finest clothes?

A black sheer floor length dress, an eccentric fluffy hat and a pair of Cavalli's trousers.

Why are they still sitting in the back of your wardrobe to collect dust or even in your mum's for that matter?

I know for a fact that I wear more of my mum's clothes than she does on a daily basis.

My mum has this belief and this childhood tradition that she has to save things for best, which I know many people also follow.

But in my opinion what is best?

Is it that wedding that you're going to in 3 months' time or even a date that is half- heartedly in the diary?

First, you're going to wear the dress that you’ve saved for the wedding once and then it’s going to sit in your wardrobe for the next two years.

And, realistically, why are you only dressing up for people you don't see very often and some of which you may never see again?

I will never fully understand why we only dress ourselves up for specific events, to please others and to be restricted to the stereotypical dress codes that our modern society has crafted.

I don’t mean the dress code found on an invitations (because if it’s a black tie and you turn up in a 90’s fancy dress costume you’d just look disrespectful). I’m talking about the subconscious dress codes in our daily outings. To go on a coffee date you are expected to wear a classic pair of light blue jeans, a basic t-shirt and a pair of white Trainers.You would never be seen dead in a pair of stilettos.

But why are these stereotypes put in place and why does our society abide by them?

We should be able to wear a pair of Jimmy Choo's to go and pick up the meat from the butcher's. I know heels aren't for everyone, but everyone has an item that makes them feel like a diamond. Whether its a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans that simply fit like a glove.

Everyone has the ability to wake up and make a consecutive decision on how you wish to present yourself each day and why not feel like a diamond with the items that you hardly ever wear.

Funny enough the pieces in your wardrobe that sit there for days waiting for an event to go to end up getting worn once and then return to the cupboard to just sit there again. What’s the point? What’s the point of leaving the most beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo’s in the dark where they are unable to be admired by others and more importantly yourself.

I know we can’t all own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. I know I don’t, but everyone has clothes, shoes, bags or even jewellery that they save for best. But why can’t best be today or tomorrow?

I urge you to wear the pieces that have been sitting solemnly in your wardrobe for months and wear them. Not for the date you are waiting to go on or the wedding that is months away. Wear it to the pizza place at the end of your road or for your next trip to the coffee shop with your best mates.

Clothes are there to be worn so don’t hide them away - specifically not the beautifully made ones!

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